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24 thoughts on “Pink Night

  1. I’ve purchased tickets for the 30th, is Menlyn also Participating in it because I only see tickets for the 30th

  2. Good day,

    I would like book two pink events for rocketman, the website is only allowing me to book standard tickets.

    Please advise.

  3. Good Day, I won the Golden Ticket at the previous GNO at the Pavilion (show was The Hustle). Am a little confused because it seems as if there is a GNO tonight and I have not been duly informed? Is Pink Night different to GNO? Moreover, I was informed that someone would be contacting me to advise when the next GNO is, so that I could bring a friend and enjoy– but the only correspondence I received was the day after to confirm my details. Please assist/advise regarding this matter?
    Yours faithfully, Tasha Hulley. 071-498 6461


  5. Hi There,
    When is the next ladies night at the Pavillion in Durban,
    Johanne Pillay

  6. Do you have these in events at any of the cinema’s in Cape Town? And when will the next one be?

  7. Durban!! We need this in Durban!! I have a whole group of people who would do this if you would extend it to us too!

  8. Hi There are you able to advise if there will be a Gay and Lesbian Film Festival this year?

  9. What is the difference between Pink night & GNO? When is the next one ?

  10. Hi there,

    When is the girls night out taking place in CPT and which cinemas?

  11. Hi
    Please advise when is the next Pink Night?

    Looks cool and fun !!!

  12. When will there be another one of these events? Near Pretoria & Centurion?

  13. Good Day Brian, any Pink events happening soon in Cape town?

  14. Hi there 🙂 When is the next Girls Night out at Clearwater?

  15. Good day

    I want the correct time for Saturday 20 July for Lion KIng and the price of 2D & 3D

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