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Frequently Asked Questions

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Whom do I contact for assistance if I am experiencing issues on the site?

You can reach us on 0861-CINEMA between 08:00 and 20:00.

Where can I redeem my ticket?

Your ticket is redeemable at the Nu Metro cineplex that the movie was booked for.

What is required for booking a ticket?

In order to book a ticket you will need a valid credit or debit card, or a Digiticket electronic code, and an e-mail address so we can send you the ticket booking confirmation.

What do the various age restriction symbols and classifications mean?

Classification Rating (Age Restriction):

A – An all ages category and means it is suitable for all.
PG – Means an all ages category but cautions sensitive viewers. Children under 13 are only allowed to purchase a ticket with the consent of the parent or caregiver.
7-9 PG – Not suitable for below 7, suitable for 7-9 but parent or caregiver must also be present for the duration of the film, suitable for 10 and older.
10 – Not suitable for below 10. Must be 10 and older.
10-12 PG – Not suitable for below 10, suitable for 10-12 but parent or caregiver must be present for the duration of the film, suitable for 13 and older.
13 – Not suitable for below 13. Must be 13 and older.
16 – Not suitable for below 16. Must be 16 and older.
18 – Not suitable for below 18. Must be 18 and older.


Symbols listed alphabetically:

A – All Ages
B – Blasphemy
D – Drugs
L – Language
N – Nudity
P – Prejudice
S – Sex
SV – Sexual Violence
V – Violence
H – Horror

How do I collect my ticket?

Please ensure that you claim your tickets using the same credit card as per the details you supplied during the payment process, and that you have your reference number with you should you encounter any difficulty.